First – A Grant-making system for the OSF-SA

In 1997 the founder of Kidz Africa wrote an application that would administer the grants initiative for The Open Society Foundation for South Africa a member of the International Soros Foundations Network. It soon became a vital tool for the OSF-SA team in use in their everyday operation - hugely successful!

Next – A Fundraising system for UKZN

The next big step in the evolution of DevMan™ was the request to write a fundraising application for the University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN) one of South Africa’s most prestigious tertiary institutions. From the two separate programs the development team brought them together into one application that caters for both, Fundraising and Grant-making.

Lastly – A Bursary system for STUDIETRUST

A bursary is essentially a grant and DevMan™ had the elements of bursary management. When STUDIETRUST came on board DevMan™ was significantly enhanced to meet the demanding needs of an institution dedicated to assisting needy young people to further education.

Since then the DevMan™ team has continued to apply their skills year after year to make sure it more than meets users changing needs and at the same time taking advantage of the latest and best from the ever changing IT industry.

This has all paid off! DevMan™ is a leader in the philanthropy industry.

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