Well managed social responsibility programmes create opportunities for all South Africans and continue to be vitally needed. The unique challenges faced by these programmes are well understood by our team - that is why we have designed DevMan™ to work specifically for your needs in grant making.

DevMan™ is a comprehensive solution, covering the following essentials:

  • Application: A powerful centralised fundraising solution for all departments, including Fundraisers, Researches, Administrators, Finance and Events personnel.

  • Process: A highly customisable tool, Devman accommodates your specific CRM requirements, document management, reporting and workflow.

  • Integration: Devman fits in with and 'talks' to existing core administration, finance and communication systems.

Contact Relations Management

DevMan's heart is a fully functional CRM system for managing your donors. contacts and beneficiaries:

  • Record - details of beneficiary organisations and proposal requests as well as pledges and payments.
  • Review - data in preparation of documents for board meeting deliberation.
  • Relate - understand beneficiary relationships to other organisations.
  • Interact - record phone calls, emails, letters, meetings and events.
  • Communicate - by email, SMS via ad-hoc or pre-defined lists.
  • Automate - application acknowledgments, payment notifications and progress report due reminders and more.

Document Management

DevMan makes document management easy:

  • Upload - Word, Excell and electronic copies of printed files, videos, sound clips, emails, photos, maps and graphics.
  • Search - simplified by classifying documents.
  • Standardise - drop external systems with centralised management.


DevMan provides many standard reports for your daily needs. Where this is not sufficient, specific or customised reports can be generated quickly. Data can also be exported to Excel, Acrobat or Word to be refined at will. Print reports as lists, statistics or create charts/graphs/visual aids. Reports types include:

  • Management Information - slice and dice donor statistics and summaries
  • Performance - staff workload and productivity, meeting pre-determined goals.
  • Dashboards - easy-to-read snapshots presented graphically.

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The Open Society Foundation was founded by George Soros in April 1993 to promote the ideal of an open society in South Africa; an ideal which includes democracy, a market economy, a strong civil society, respect for minorities and tolerance for divergent opinions. Go to www.osf.org.za to learn more about the OSF-SA and the vital contribution in this country. 
What can we say about DevMan  We've been with DevMan  from the very beginning and we cannot contemplate not having it. Being one of the most important NGO's whose sole mandate is grant-making - DevMan  is crucial for our daily operation. The DevMan  team know their product thoroughly, respond quickly when there are problems and are patient and very supportive.

Zaid Israel - Director of Finance and Human Resources +27 21 511 1679

Tshikululu - Reports to Society

Tshikululu Social Investments NPC - the leading CSI fund management organisation in South Africa - selected DevMan™ to improve the management of their very large and diverse operation. After eighteen months converting fund by fund from their old system and now “moments” away from going live with the last fund, we are very proud with the statement by the Chief Executive Officer Tracey Henry in the Report to Society 2012:

The adoption of our new project management IT system, Development Manager, will be completed in 2013. The use of this custom-designed software will continue to result in improved efficiency and a decrease in funding turnaround times and, crucially, will provide us with tighter controls through robust security features.

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