DevMan is a highly customisable solution that accommodates your specific requirements in document management, reporting and workflow. This powerful tool makes managing your donors, contacts and beneficiaries an easy and intuitive process by centralising and maximising your grant making and donor management activities.

DevMan is a reflection of our comprehensive understanding of the non-profit and philanthropy industry; facilitating fundraising, grant making and bursary management in a single application, making this a powerful and unique product.  By choosing DevMan, you will be centralising your technology requirements and increasing your organisations productivity.



Financial Management

Real time tracking of financials and interactions using intuitive tools and an easy-to-use interface. With all information recorded in one place and interlinked, you can use the financials, key relationships and group affiliations for future decision making, growing your information into knowledge for increased income generation and distribution.


¨       Detailed profiles

¨       Automated credit card transactions and debit order processing

¨       Capture and track payments

¨       Manage donations and pledges

¨       Create tax certificates

¨       Simplify month end reconciliation


Integration capabilities

Devman is built to fit in with and 'talk’ to core administration, finance and communication systems, both existing and new. Some select organisations have teamed up with us to provide a fully integrated and connected solution.


¨       Email and sms marketing tools that increase brand awareness

¨       Improved financial procedures

¨       Secure online giving gateway

¨       Streamlined exports to your accounting system


Reporting & Analytics

Segment donors quickly based on donations, dates, events, demographics and more with powerful filtering for tailored reports. Create unique groups using segmenting tools based on both transactional attributes and person attributes for mailing or email campaigns, reaching just the right audience every time.


¨       Document management supporting all file types

¨       Customised and smart reports

¨       Export and import data

¨       Dynamic insights into organisation performance

¨       Dashboard of illustrative activities

¨       Task management


Communication strategies

Connect with your donors and grant recipients by creating and sending calls to action and acknowledgements using the automated functionalities. Grow what you know through adapting your contact based on who your audience is and how they want to hear from you.


Record phone calls, letters and meetings to inform the next interaction. Automate functions to continue doing what’s important but give you the time to grow your business.


¨       SMS, letter and email templates for direct mailing

¨       Simple email design

¨       Segment contact groups for targeted communications

¨       Run a campaign

¨       Automated acknowledgements

¨       Track subscribes, unsubscribes, click-through-rates and more



Online update of details: clients can update their own details, with minimal management from you

Unlimited users: create as many users as you need, even for your consultants and board members, at no extra cost!

Knowledgeable, local support team: the people who built this solution are the same people answering your calls

Multiple contact details: accommodate multiple residences of your clients in one centralised record

Importing and exporting data: upload and download client and donation data with ease, including interactions and reports for decision making, record keeping and analysis

Online donations: manage and automate donations imports made through the website or by credit card

Once-off and regular donations management: single gift and repeat entries are managed including the pledge function for recurring donations

Mobile friendly: have the same access and information experience on your tablet or smartphone as you do on your computer

Custom fields: every organisation needs something different. Whatever you want we can provide

100% cloud based: a secure platform for your data, we will scale you up as your organisation grows


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