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Advanced Search:

Add your own filter description to the search, thus allowing you to keep track of what is included in the report.

How to do this:

Once the search criteria filter page has been selected, simply add your description in the ‘Criteria description’ field before adding to results. 

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See heading ‘Advanced search’ on the ‘Search & report quick guide’ available for download via DevMan help*.

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 Search using multiple field values

This enhancement allows you to include more than one option in one field. For example, you may want to search on two or more categories in one report.

How to do this:

On the search page select the first option which will be added to the right side of the field; then select the second option which will be added next to the first, repeat for additional options.
Your report will search for all records that match any of these listed selections. 
To remove a selection simply click on the description in the list. 


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For more on searching see the ‘Search & report quick guide’ available for download via DevMan help*.

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Email to interaction linking in the project

How to do this:

If you are not yet familiar with this feature, you can simply Bcc a DevMan system email address when sending an email from your mail application.  An interaction will be automatically created in DevMan.  (contact to activate your system address)

This feature has now been enhanced to include linking the approach, project or bursary to the email interaction.   

Your database must be set up to include a system reference number in the subject line of emails generated from DevMan from the approach, project or bursary. 

When any emails with the reference number are forwarded to DevMan, the interaction will be linked to the record with the matching reference number. 

See heading ‘Add an interaction from your email’ on the Interaction quick guide available for download via DevMan help*. 

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*Download from > DevMan help > Print guides > Quick guides

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