DevMan is a comprehensive, cost effective and practical cloud-based solution for organisations seeking to maximise their grant making, bursary and donor management potential. By using our technology, we can empower your organisation to be an active player in the global philanthropy industry with this all-in-one, leading edge solution.

Whether your business is grantmaking, fundraising or bursary management, DevMan has the tools you need to make your grants matter and reach the intended beneficiaries. With superior features such as analytics, client database management and communication elements, DevMan will help you effectively and efficiently strengthen relationships.

DevMan has teamed up and integrated with leading brands to create a complete central hub of all your philanthropic activities, helping you manage your organisational needs better! Philanthropy is about successful partnerships: DevMan is your tool that will support the sustainability and success of your relationships.

Some of the world's most respected fundraising and grant making organisations use DevMan.
 See what they have to say about it.




A powerful and highly customisable application for any organisation in the fundraising, grant making or bursary management business.


Linking to existing core administration, finance and communication systems and partnering with leading third party systems to empower you to meet your fundraising and grantmaking needs.


Use your data for powerful and more effective reporting, communication and decision making.


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