Non-profits and tertiary institutions rely heavily on fundraising for their sustainability. DevMan supports your mission by accommodating your specific requirements and centralising your grant making and donor management activities.

With an easy-to-use interface and all your information interlinked and recorded and in one place you can use the financials, key relationships and group affiliations for future decision making, growing your information into knowledge for increased income generation.

By improving prospect to donor conversion rates, managing donations and pledges for single and repeat entries, creating tax certificates and importing and exporting data, DevMan enables you to record, analyse and make strategic decisions for all your fundraising and capacity building requirements.

DevMan is the comprehensive and central management system for your organisation, ensuring that you have everything you need to solicit funds sustainably and grow your fundraising initiatives.


DevMan™ is a comprehensive solution, covering the following essentials:

  • Application: A powerful centralised fundraising solution for all departments including Fundraisers, Researchers,  Administrators, Finance and Events personnel.

  • Process: A highly customisable tool, DevMan™ accommodates your specific CRM requirements, document management, reporting and workflow.

  • Integration: DevMan™ fits in with and 'talks' to existing core administration, finance and communication systems.


Contact Relations Management

DevMan's heart is a fully functional CRM system for managing your donors. contacts and prospects:

  • Research - prospects' interests, communication history and record of donations.
  • Group - existing donors according to funding criteria and focus.
  • Relate - understand donor relationships to other contacts.
  • Interact - record phone calls, emails, letters, meetings and events.
  • Communicate - email, SMS effortlessly via ad-hoc or pre-defined lists.
  • Automate - acknowledgments, birthday messages, tax receipts, etc.

Document Management

DevMan™ makes document management easy:

  • Upload - Word, Excel and electronic copies of printed files, videos, sound clips, emails, photos, maps and graphics.
  • Search - simplified by classifying documents.
  • Standardise - drop external systems with centralised management.


DevMan™ provides many standard reports for your daily needs. Where this is not sufficient, specific or customised reports can be generated quickly. Data can also be exported to Excel, Acrobat or Word to be refined at will. Print reports as lists, statistics or create charts/graphs/visual aids. Reports types include:

  • Management Information - slice and dice donor statistics and summaries
  • Performance - staff workload and productivity, meeting pre-determined goals.
  • Dashboards - easy-to-read snapshots presented graphically.

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Online Giving Gateway

Receive donations via your own website. DevMan™ allows you to receive donation via your website. How so? By integrating your website with Virtual Card Services (VCS) secure gateway.

VCS acts as the intermediary between you and the bank, by validating and recording pledges to your bank's credit card system. It is automatic, and most importantly, secure.

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