DevMan supports your mission by accommodating your specific requirements and centralising your grant making and donor management activities.

With an easy-to-use interface and all your information interlinked and recorded and in one place you can use the financials, key relationships and group affiliations for future decision making, growing your information into knowledge for increased income generation.

By improving prospect to donor conversion rates, managing donations and pledges for single and repeat entries, creating tax certificates and importing and exporting data, DevMan enables you to record, analyse and make strategic decisions for all your fundraising and capacity building requirements.

DevMan is the comprehensive and central management system for your organisation, ensuring that you have everything you need to solicit funds sustainably and grow your fundraising initiatives.

DevMan is a powerful highly customisable solution to manage your database and integration requirements.

  • Cloud based
  • Mobile friendly
  • Configurable

Core Features

Build your stakeholder database to form a central online portal from which to manage your communication and information requirements. Detailed profiles for prospects, donors, beneficiaries, alumni, students, staff - in fact any target group - can be defined from the fully configurable suite of fields. A tailor made solution for each organisation is achieved, with elements that include:

  •  ID, passport, student, HR and other reference numbers
  •   Birthdates, anniversaries and application dates
  •   Social media links
  •    Multiple addresses


Modernise your business procedures by mapping key milestones to system driven interventions. These touch points may include automated email and SMS notifications, action requests of specific staff or initiation of other workflow sequences. Areas where workflow might be relevant include:

  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Donor stewardship
  • Club memberships
  • Grant making cycles
  • M&E reporting


Monitor real time donations and payment requests. Use the financials recorded in one place for future decision-making. Grow your information into knowledge for increased income generation and distribution.  Integrated portals mean batch processing and streamlined workflow. 

  •  Committed giving - debit orders
  •  Committed funding - regular payments
  •  Bulk processing
  •  Tax certificates
  •  Financial software integration
  •  Payment approval workflow (requisition & remittance)


Connect with your beneficiaries, contacts and donors regularly with automated and ad-hoc communications.  Segment contact groups for targeted communications using DevMan’s powerful search function.

  • Email & SMS
  • Branding and templates
  • Mailshots
  • Subscriptions, unsubscribes, click-through-rates


An integrated and connected solution that 'talks’ to core administration, finance and communication systems as well as multiple online capabilities for updating details, applying for funding and renewing memberships.

  • Online giving portal
  • Secure payment portal
  • Financial package integration
  • Admin systems integration
  •  Email / Communication specialists
  • Online pages - memberships, applications, updates, online RSVP


Segment beneficiaries quickly. Powerful filtering for tailored reports based on payments, dates, events, demographics and more. Create unique groups using segmenting for mailing or email campaigns reaching just the right audience every time. Draw data in a meaningful way to assist with decision-making.

  • Dashboards
  • Statistics
  • Detailed reports
  • Customised exports
  • Multiple formats – Excel, Acrobat, Word
  • Performance - staff workload and productivity, meeting pre-determined goals


Drop external systems for centralised management of all documents and attachments. 

  • Simple upload function
  •  Most file types supporte
  • Cloud based for easy accessibility
  • Classify and standardise document naming

Online Giving Gateway

Receive donations via your own website. DevMan™ allows you to receive donation via your website. How so? By integrating your website with Virtual Card Services (VCS) secure gateway.

VCS acts as the intermediary between you and the bank, by validating and recording pledges to your bank's credit card system. It is automatic, and most importantly, secure.

Click here to download more details.


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