Knowledge Cube is a Kenyan based company mandated to market, sell and support DevMan™ in East and West Africa.

In this technological age we all need a system that enables one to focus more on our mandated functions, and DevMan™ can do just that in the following areas: Alumni Relations, Fundraising and Project Management.

At Knowledge Cube we believe that DevMan™ is a cost-effective yet versatile tool. It is an application that is able to support university institutional advancement offices, non-governmental organisations and corporates with fundraising and corporate social responsibility management initiatives.

The staff at Knowledge Cube are well trained and equipped to support DevMan™.

To request a demonstration please contact Paul on +254 738 440 952 if you are based in East or West Africa.

LINKSERV is a technology service orientated company in the electronic payment space. We are a niche company providing payment and collection solutions to Companies and their clients.

LINKSERV focuses on providing leading edge, cost effective, reliable and secure solution for managing and processing of electronic payments and collections through the South African banking switch. 

Our core Platform is the framework that enables LINKSERV to deliver a broad array of innovative payment and payment-related products and instruments using robust, tested and secure technology.

Digitali is a new media marketing, strategy, and communications company. Digitali conceptualises new products, campaigns and services enabling brands to touch, engage and interact with their customers in a mutually beneficial way. Our use of digital bearers such as mobile, online, AR (Augmented Reality) and Social Media allows us to monitor consumer behaviour and create campaigns that are personal, innovative and fun. Digitali can offer your business various digital touch points to get your brand into the hands of your potential clients. To make sure that none of your clients are neglected, we will offer you New Media Marketing solutions for all LSM groups and target markets in South Africa - no matter how diverse.

DevMan’s mobile offering is based on the Digitali suite of services, and our teams work closely together to ensure that none of your stakeholders are neglected. We will offer you New Media Marketing solutions integrated with DevMan for all LSM groups and target markets in South Africa - no matter how diverse.

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