5 Stages of Corporate Citizenship. Read more here

5 Stages of Corporate Citizenship. Read more here

Dependable grantmaking and donor management platform

Manage, scale, track and centralise your grant making and donor managment on one platform with DevMan’s powerful cloud-based solution.

Some of our clients currently using our grant and donor management system

Operate more efficiently as

An effective grants management solution partner

Scale your grant operations by choosing DevMan’s fundraising constituent relationship management (CRM) solutions to reach your goals and save time.

Generate tax certificates

Automatically generate and distribute individual or consolidated 18A compliant tax certificates.

Manage communications

Automate all communications through the platform using workflows and triggers.

Make strategic decisions

Improve prospect to donor conversion rates, manage donations and pledges for single and repeat entries.

Interlink information

Use financials, key relationships and group affiliations for future decision-making.

Smart forms for applicants

Branded, application forms are designed and launched to your specifications to collect and organise data.

Personalised client support

Any questions or queries are answered quickly by the team. No robots.

DevMan's fundraising system is designed for you if

You organise fundraising events.

Fundraising related technologies and activities need to be effectively managed.

Fundraising is your core business that you are responsible for.

Man looking at a tablet with icons around him showing capabilities for organising people on the DevMan system

Relationship Management

Research trends and prospects through fields designed to assist in information collection

Identify trends and produce tracking studies

Track funders giving history and interests

Find new funders for your growing portfolio of programmes

Donors and Communications

Record phone calls, letters and meetings to inform the next interaction

Automate functions to free your time to grow your business

Create and run fundraising events to create a history of communication with your supporters

Connect with your contacts and donors by sending automated calls to action and acknowledgements

Two women looking at a laptop with icons around them showing DevMan system capabilities for customising and automating.

Generate comprehensive reports

Segment beneficiaries quickly

Generate tailored reports using payments, dates, events, demographics and more

Export and import reports as CSV files

Create unique groups to segment for mailing or email campaigns

Draw data in a meaningful way to assist with decision-making

Your questions answered

What is a smart application form?

A smart bursary application form is designed to hide or reveal specific questions or fields based off of your applicant’s responses. Only information given by these responses is saved on the management system.

Smart forms are also designed to accomplish the following:

  • Collect student results
  • Accept or decline from compliance
  • Determine gender, citizenship and DOB from ID
  • Show fields according to responses
  • Trigger communications based on phase completion
  • Generate unique application tokens
  • Save existing data to complete at a later time
  • Auto-schedule application open and close dates 
Does DevMan comply with POPIA?

DevMan, as an Operator, has put the following in place to meet compliance requirements:

  • We endeavour to follow industry standard best practice for security (See our Technical and security
  • The DevMan team has been made aware of POPIA requirements, and all are bound by confidentiality agreements.
  • We regularly carry out assessments of technical and organizational safeguards.
  • As a POPIA specialist, Gregg Abrahams has been appointed as the Information Officer for DevMan.

The following are key areas that you as the responsible party could give attention to:

  • Confirm who your information officer is and make your team aware of POPIA requirements.
  • POPIA covers structured (i.e. DevMan database) and unstructured (i.e. spreadsheets, etc.) data. Unstructured data is very difficult to manage and secure, however DevMan provides the means to have accurate data stored in one structured place. Begin the process of storing relevant unstructured data in DevMan.
  • Identify groups of people on your database (e.g. Donor, Alumni etc) including:
    • The reason for each group;
    • The information you can legally keep per group.
  • You must allow data subjects to actively opt in to direct marketing communication. This should not be pre-selected and should allow for a simple opt-out.
  • Give attention to information quality and data processes.

In the year ahead, we will implement further DevMan tools to help you to be compliant and will communicate these to you on a regular basis.

Read what the act entails here.

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Does DevMan comply with GDPR?

Many companies have updated their privacy and other legal documents in response to a new law that went into effect on 25 May 2018 called GDPR.

DevMan has implemented the following to comply with GDPR:

  • DevMan provides the means to have accurate data in one place (i.e. not multiple spreadsheets with varying degrees of accuracy / completeness).
  • Quick search functionality to immediately find and access data held on any person or entity.
  • Easily draw / extract data profile from DevMan.
  • We endeavour to follow industry standard best practice for security (see DevMan technical information document).
  • DevMan subscriptions allow data subjects to opt in or out of receiving marketing communications.
  • The DevMan team has been made aware of GDPR requirements.
  • Mervyn Kydd has been appointed as the DPO for IS Kidz Africa.

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Will my data be secure?

DevMan is available over the internet and is secured with SHA-256 signed encryption SSL certificates and TLS1.2 protocol.

We endeavour to follow industry standard best practice.

Client applications and their databases are not hosted in-house. We have partnered with xneelo (Pty) Ltd, a web
hosting company based in South Africa.

Security is a top priority, and several measures have been implemented to protect our systems and our clients’ data. DevMan undertakes to uphold security standards as best as possible within budget.

These are some of the measures in place:

  • F-Secure – an end-point leading security product that includes ransomware protection and patch management. This is installed on all our workstations and servers.
  • Encryption – laptop and server hard drives are encrypted, so if stolen they are inaccessible.
  • Penetration testing – conducted periodically, and findings are remediated timeously.
  • Firewall – reviews are conducted regularly along with monitoring software which alerts us to any unusual activity.
  • Passwords – our policies are set higher than best practice in the industry.
  • Cyber insurance – our existing policy provides for an incident response team to help remediate and recover as quickly as possible.
  • Hardware maintenance – servers are constantly reviewed and maintained at the highest standard possible.

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Can I export donor details in a SARS compliant format?
DevMan designed a SARS IT3(d) export process focused on the HTTPS channel. This means you can export your donation data in a format required by SARS.
A self-service portal has been built for donors to sign in and update their own tax information using their email and password. This portal link is easy to add to bulk emails and your website. One link for all will reduce your admin.

The DevMan Guide to

Advancement & NPO fundraising software

Devman Guide Advancement & NPO Fundraising Software Cover page

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